Tighter Control

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Inside facility – The Spire. You can reach this facility when you jump over teleportation pad in western Bio-Mech Facility Alpha. This teleportation pad becomes active when you reach part of the World Story – the quest On Through the Light On Through the Light.


Western Grimvault

Western Grimvault

DATACUBE ENTRY: Tighter Control


Jariel: the Archon


I have just completed my survey of Maker Vorion’s advanced technological laboratories, and I must say that they are nothing short of incredible. As we near the completion of the Nexus Project, Vorion believed that tighter control and security of all Eldan technology on planet Nexus was of utmost importance, and he has achieved his goal. This tower controls access to the facility below. Not surprisingly, access is limited to a very few individuals.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube