Tracking the Moon Beasts

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On ground, among many animal carcasses, next to a Oxian Holostation that is needed for quest “Baiting the Giant”.




Tracking the Moon Beasts


-Malverine Hunt Day 1-

This marks a truly historic moment in the history of Nexus. The day that I, Hexaldimar Thorne, set out to hunt down that most treacherous of creatures: the fearsome and mysterious malverine. Be he, or they as it were, beast or man? Or beasts or men as the case would be I suppose. Blimey, I really should go back and delete that bit oughtn’t I? Bloody voice-to-text software. Regardless of technological and grammatical challenges, I plan to answer that
question or questions.

Let’s skip to the real question, all right? And that is this: are malverines, as relatively recent legend might have it, merely humanoids infected with a primal disease of some sort that turns them into gigantic hairy killing machines?

I plan to find out.

I have come equipped for the task, and then some. A matched pair of Killian RM-2 mag rifles with a dozen rechargeable auto-load capsules each on stylishly crossed bandoliers. My custom mag-ammo
has been primally tuned to the malverine’s life pattern, causing it to home in on the beast’s center of mass with unerring accuracy. Across my shoulders, plate-armored trench coat sewn from the hide of a deadly Shafnerian yak I took down on the Melting Steppes of Tharlo Sigma – it keeps the rain off and the mind-bullets of high-minded.

I got another bandolier of throwing knives treated with knock-out poison from Bezgelorian skunk slanks. I mean Chua. I bought the poison from Chua. Not
Bezgelorian skunk-slanks. That’s impolite, ain’t it? I’m really not going to be able to use this journal at all, am I? Ah, I’ll just find me some editing software, what?

As I was saying, poison throwing knives. And of course Lavernia, the best multi-purpose hunting, skinning, adventuring, and camping knife available on the market today. And now they’re paid back for all the equipment and they can STOP SENDING THREATENING HOLO-MESSAGES.

Moving on.

-Malverine Hunt Day

Oh, bloody hell. Ow. That really hurts. I should never have – oh no. Did you hear that? Who am I talking to. The bloody voice-to-text program on the bloody datachron, that’s bloody priceless, Hexaldimar. Well, there’s only enough charge to do this once, and since I failed to bloody open the bloody emergency transponder, instead opening the bloody bloody damn hell that hurts! [Unintelligible.] No, don’t – don’t eat that. I need that! I – no! OOOOOWOWWAARRGH –

[Recording failure. Intelligible language failure. Please reboot your Protostar Data-Valuated Speech-to-Text Recording Software. From Protostar.]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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