To Seek the Gods

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On ground, near the control console, in Northwestern Prototype Recombination Wing.

In order to reach Prototype Recombination Wing you need to follow route from Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One, to Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two up to the place where is this collectible. You can enter Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One from teleportation plate in Calidor’s Excavation.




To Seek the Gods


My own brother told me that what I suggested was the rankest heresy. Yet how can the search for truth ever be heretical? How can employing the mind and thought bestowed upon us by the gods ever be anything but pure and just?

Just look at this wondrous place. Take it in, and walk the steps the gods themselves laid before us. My brother, I fear, is blinded by the words of mere men. I seek the works of those who ascended to another
plane of existence. I shall find the truth of their disappearance, or I will die. Perhaps both. And maybe, one day, Toric will understand why.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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