Rare Fauna of Nexus Vol. 4

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On a tiny table, bellow a small tent rooftop, next to couple of boxes, Darkspire Wilds.




Rare Fauna of Nexus Vol. 4


[Professor Cornelius’s masterwork of xenobiology has become a go-to reference for Dominion science students and anyone looking to quickly get up to speed on the many strange creatures of Nexus. Its accuracy may be inversely proportionate to its popularity, however, and recent editions have been filled with updates and corrections written since the author began carrying out more detailed fieldwork on the planet.]

Like many plants native to
Nexus, this hardy plant appears to have an adverse reaction to common scan frequencies, the sound of sapient speech, or even being looked at in a surly manner. And like many plants native to Nexus, the Celestion flame ficus’s reaction is to burst into flame!

Perhaps, given the name, that is less than surprising.
[Continued in section 47]

This unusual plant, a non-mobile relative of the semi-sapient (and very mobile) veggies of Nexus, emits a
sound like a mumbling Cassian child when any fauna larger than an insect is near. This is believed to be merely a defense mechanism and not truly an attempt to speak language. They bloom with five-petaled “starface” flowers twice a year. Mumbleweed gardens can be quite noisy during the blooming season.
[Continued in section 59]

A mobile relative of the Starfaced Mumbleweed and the various Veggies species which protect sources of primal life energy, carnivorous Veggies are
extremely rare on Nexus, but also extremely dangerous. Their bites carry enzymes that spread into organic bloodstreams and trigger sluggishness, sometimes even unconsciousness. This allows the so-called Carni-Veggies to consume their prey at their leisure. Given their tiny mouths and bodies, they rarely finish a meal of that sort before it turns. [Continued in section 77]

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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