Traumatic Replacement

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On ground, Northern Prototype Recombination Wing.

In order to reach Prototype Recombination Wing you need to follow route from Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One, to Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two up to the place where is this collectible. You can enter Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One from teleportation plate in Calidor’s Excavation.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Traumatic Replacement


Zarkonis: Order of the Makers


I am very close to perfecting my recombination technology! Instead of utilizing nanites to build biomechanical constructs, my Recombinator removes the target limbs and organs, and then directly replaces them with mechanical constructs. Granted, the process is violent, traumatic, and bloody – and at this stage the resultant creatures are physiologically unstable – but I still feel as if this is a marked improvement over Vorion’s augmentation technology.
And the accusation of Ionis that this is somehow a personal obsession driven by my sense of inadequacy? Preposterous!

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube