Biological Agent

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On ground, inside of a Diluvian Depths Cave, Southeastern Sterling Reach. As you enter this cave, turn right, and keep walking right following this side of a cave. At the end of this side of a tunnel, in the northern cave room, next to a large water tank, you can find Biological Agent datacube.

In order to reach this part of Sterling Reach, you need to activate the control consoles west from tale marked position. Control Console stands next to deactivated, teleportation, pressure plate.




DATACUBE ENTRY: Biological Agent


Aviel: Order of the Weavers


The inherent instability of primal water opens up a number of interesting possibilities. By weaving malignant biological material with the substance, I have been able to create an extremely virulent gaseous agent – one that even in the smallest amount has proven fatal to test subjects. I must be cautious. The opportunity for mayhem among my colleagues often encourages me to ignore protocol.

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Datacube