A Gathering Storm

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  1. On a small, brown with yellow lines “table”, next to a lamppost with three lights, Bio-Mech Facility 498.
  2. On middle of a short platform that leads to small Elder structure, next to a lamppost with three lights, Calidor’s Excavation.
  3. At the wall, in the Southeastern part of Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two. In order to reach Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level Two, you need to go to southern Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One teleportation plate. Teleportation plate that leads to Bio-Mech Complex AH47 Level One is in Calidor’s Excavation.
  4. On a small platform, bellow tent, beside Lead Excavator Radek Villius, NPC quest giver and a nearby Bounty Board, Excavation Site Alpha.
  5. On a hovering, tiny platform, next to an engine with circular saw blade and couple of cut trees, west from nearby Excavation Site Alpha.
  6. On a sleeping bag, inside of the biggest tent in Mistymurk Camp.
  7. At the edge of circular “platform”, with deciduous tree on, next to gleaming eggs, eastern The Queen’s Lair. Entrance to this Lair is Northwest from the tale position marked at map. Quest that makes you look like spider and takes you here is “Better, Faster, Stronger”, from Ringo Hax in Mistymurk Camp. Inside of southern part of this cave is a Webwood Queen, creature needed for group quest “All Hail the Queen [Group 5+]”.


    Cave entrance on the world map.




A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm


Dark clouds obscured the skies over Meridia, the ancient capital city of Cassus. Sounds of violence echoed in the streets. Emperor Vorios was dead, slain by Myrcalus of House Azrion.

Vigilant priestess Varonia Cazalon knelt in her chambers. Despite the turmoil outside, she kept her eyes tightly shut, fists clenched devoutly in front of her. “Blessed Scions,” she whispered. “Grant me the strength of Azrion and the courage of Tristan. And above all, let the Justice of Bronos be done.”

Thunder rumbled
above. A storm was coming.

Varonia’s part in the unfolding drama had yet to be played. Galvion, the current High Sentinel of the Vigilant Church, was a staunch ally of the corrupt emperor, and for decades had abused his position to commit shocking acts of depravity, heresy, and sin. The people had suffered. The emperor was dead, but Galvion still lived.

Varonia stood. Hanging from the door of her small closet was the ornate raiment of Evindra the Wise herself, and beside it the ancient battle staff o
f Tristan. Their very presence in her chambers could be construed as the highest form of blasphemy, punishable by death. Slowly, she pulled the robe over her head, then took a firm grasp on the heavy weapon.

A sergeant of the Radiant Legion appeared at her door.

“The Legion is ready, priestess” he reported.

“As am I,” she said, and walked from the room.

Minutes later, Varonia walked up the steps of the Cathedral of Eternal Vigilance. Galvion and his minions had locked themselves inside. Summo
ning the ancient power of the Scions, she whirled her staff and shattered the cathedral’s massive doors.

The High Sentinel’s guards waited inside, hunkered behind a barricade. Blaster fire lit up the room. Driven by a holy fury, Varonia raised her staff and summoned a shell of illumination, deflecting energy bolts back at her attackers. As they took cover, she strode forth, scattering the barricade like cordwood. Terrified, the guards surrendered at her feet.

Varonia found Galvion cowering beneath
a statue of holy Dominus. Trembling, he stood, his voice cracking as he addressed her.

“How dare you? In the name of…”

Varonia ran forward and spun her staff into his jaw. The blow sent him reeling, and he fell heavily to the cold marble floor of the cathedral.

“Galvion!” she proclaimed, “I find you guilty of heresy against the Vigilant Church.” She grabbed the collar of his ceremonial robes, and dragged him outside. An angry crowd of the faithful had gathered on the steps of the cathedral.

This is outrageous!” Galvion protested. “I demand a trial. I demand justice!”

“Do not fear,” said Varonia. “Justice will indeed be served.”

She hurled Galvion’s body down the temple steps. His robes tore and fell away, exposing his frail and pasty figure, and was swiftly enveloped by the angry mob. Screams echoed through the streets of the Cassian capital as the crowd passed judgment.

Lightning above, then thunder. Soon a cleansing rain fell from the heavens, washing away the stain of the past.

Quick Facts

A Gathering Storm

Faction: Dominion

No. of Collectibles required: 7

Type: Tales from Beyond the Fringe

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