Relics of the Gods

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On a grey, overcrowded table, close to a Bounty Board, Excavation Site Alpha. This Bounty Board has quest “WANTED: Larallen Sentinel [Group 2+]”.




Relics of the Gods


And how, then, did these items come to be handed down to we inheritors of the Eldan legacy? Many ways, but all of them driven by a divine and unique purpose. No base understanding can arise from these relics without the vigilance of the true faith of our ancestors.

– Only the Vigilant can learn from the gods directly, and only the gods may state the true purpose
of any relic. Anything else, no matter how scientifically justified, is mere guesswork.

– Only the Vigilant should come in contact with relics that once touched Eldan hands. This weakness in our souls, the need to touch that which the gods did touch, must be overcome before Vigilance becomes innate.
– Would the gods not expect their holy church to oversee their
legacy? Who better? And who better than I to lead this effort? I, Bro–

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Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Type: Journal

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