Adventures explained in WildStar DevSpeak

Adventures WildStar DevSpeak
Wildstar DevSpeak video this week is focused on recently announced Adventures.

Adventures are dungeon-like gameplay content that’s set in an open world and it’s aimed for parties consisting of five persons. Wildstar Adventures will have very different objectives and based on the player choices, each Adventure can be finished in a different manner offering high replayability.
The official video:

Along with the video, Carbine Studios also launched Adventures page on the official Wildstar web-site which will provide more insight in this part of the game.
Lastly, there is a video on YouTube posted by Dealspawn showcasing one of the Adventures, you can check out the video bellow:

Oh, and in case you are wondering, solution for disclaimer message in WildStar DevSpeak video is: “The disclaimer guy loves you and wants you to be happy so do likewise with your fellow gamers and be excellent to each other. Party on.”