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Preview of Customizable Houses in WildStar

WildStar customizable houses
Personalization is important in WildStar and that’s why Carbine Studios developed deep customization system. One of the core elements of the game are customizable houses, and also one of the things we didn’t know so much until now.
WildStar Design Producer Stephen Frost did another interview for, this time focusing only on house customization and explaining why it is important in this game.
In this video Stephen Frost talked about daily buffs and bonuses, level of customization of plots, as well as in the houses themselves. You can check out whole, 17-minutes long video bellow, and our summary of the most important things:

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WildStar Livestream on Saturday features Adventures

Wildstar Livestream Twitch
Carbine Studios will host yet another Wildstar Livestream this Saturday! The Development team will to go through and try to complete one of the recently announced Adventures.

It’s time for another WildStar livestream! With all the buzz surrounding Adventures from last week, we’re going to be bringing the entire Adventures team onto the livestream to valiantly attempt to defeat one of their own instances!

The Carbine Adventures team will consist of Senior Community Manager, David Bass and Design Producer, Stephen Frost. Wildstar Livestream will start this Saturday, March 1st, at 12:00PM PST (that’s 20:00 GMT or 21:00 CET) on official WildStar Twitch channel.

Preview of Customizable Mounts in WildStar

WildStar Customizable mounts
In the newest interview for, WildStar Design Producer Stephan Frost showcased customizable mounts. This is one of the elements of customization that’s put in the game. As stated in the interview, Mounts won’t only be a quick way to travel, they will also be a way to show off player’s own personal style with deep customization system.
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WildStar User Interface improvements explained

WildStar interface comparison
Rob Martin, the new Senior UI Designer at Carbine Studious wrote interesting article on official page about WildStar User Interface changes. He compared UI design that once was, one that is available right now and how feedback from players helped move it in the right direction towards the final version.
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WildStar Beta key giveaway for another weekend on Nexus

WildStar Beta Key Giveaway
Last week’s Special Beta Weekend was a blast! At least, that’s what they tell us from Carbine Studios. Either way, they decided that upcoming weekend will see another WildStar Beta and again, there will be plenty of chances for you to get beta keys.
Official WildStar page published full list of websites giving away beta keys, but you should know that regardless of location – the keys will work, because they are not region restricted!
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WildStar Adventures Reddit AMA in short

WildStar Adventures
In yesterday’s WildStar Adventures “Ask Me Anything” on dedicated Wildstar Sub-Reddit, Matt Tobiason (Senior Content Designer), Taylor Southerland (Conentent Designer) and David Bass (Community Lead) answered questions from fans. On this occasion the Carbine Studios team shed light on some additional information about this week’s big premiere – Adventures.
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