WildStar Adventures Reddit AMA in short

WildStar Adventures
In yesterday’s WildStar Adventures “Ask Me Anything” on dedicated Wildstar Sub-Reddit, Matt Tobiason (Senior Content Designer), Taylor Southerland (Conentent Designer) and David Bass (Community Lead) answered questions from fans. On this occasion the Carbine Studios team shed light on some additional information about this week’s big premiere – Adventures.

Players wondered how much content will really be there. When asked about how long will one WildStar adventure last, Southerland responded with:

The time required for an Adventure run varies between 25min to over an hour. The higher level ones generally will take longer than the lower level ones.

Some players were worried if the content will be released in time for the release of the game, to which developers responded with: “Our beta testers are able to play all the Adventures right now, and while there’s plenty of bugfixing and balancing to be done before launch, the core content is done and in the game right now.” In later responses they repeated that they will keep balancing the game long after the premiere or as long as it is needed to.
You know how missions in some MMOs are predictable? Well, judging by what Content Designer Taylor Southerland said, there is no reason to worry while playing WildStar Adventures:

In fact early in beta, testers created a wiki to try and find an optimal path for The Malgrave Trail. After a lot of runs and gathered intel, they couldn’t.

They also talked about special MOBA-style PvE content titled War of the Wilds, that quickly became popular among Beta players. Matt Tobiason used the opportunity to stress that it’s still PvE, but that might change depending on how fans will react.

It’s strictly about 5 players facing down 5 AI champions, but the question of whether we might make a PvP version has come up a lot, both in the beta and within Carbine.
Hey, if enough players say they want it, who knows what could happen… 🙂

These are only the most interesting thing that were said yesterday, but you can check out the full WildStar Adventures AMA page on the following link.