Beta key giveaway on WildStar Twitter account

Carbine Studios is hosting WildStar beta key giveaway right now on WildStar official twitter page.
The beta key giveaway is presented as a trivia game, with questions about, of course, WildStar and everyone who answers correctly has a chance to be picked randomly as a winner.

Official announcement:

“Are you ready for ‪#‎WildStarTrivia‬? Answer correctly and you could win a beta key! Questions will be asked all week at random times! …We will be asking them at random times, so EU will get their shot too.”
“Distrubution de clés ‪#‎WildStar‬ dans 30 minutes ! Il faudra répondre à une question avec le hashtag ‪#‎WildStarQuiz‬ !”
“Wir werden euch hier eine Frage stellen. Ihr müsst auf diese mit der Antwort und ‪#‎WildStarWissen‬ antworten.”

To join in on the fun, remeber to follow:

Following hashtag #WildStarTrivia on Twitter is also a good idea. The contest will last all this week. Good luck!