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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▲ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
[UNUSED] Shipment of Granok Cigars1 Quest Item 
[UNUSED] Radiant-Core Diamond  Settler564
[UNUSED] Noxious Gas Neutralizer  Medishots & Boosts 
[UNUSED] Halonite Cluster  Settler749
[UNUSED] Augmented Tissue Sample  Quest Item314
[TEST] Catalog Datapad 1 Housing 
[Redacted] Mount25 Mount314
[Prototype] Worn Vest1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Worn Cap1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Wildwood Sage1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Wildwood Linden Blossom1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Wildwood Ash1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Weathered Boots1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Tranquilizing Shot1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Tattered Scrolls1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Tarnished Relic Item 58 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Tarnished Relic Item 48 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Tarnished Relic Item 38 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Tarnished Relic Item 28 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Tarnished Relic Item 18 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Tarnished Eldan Tabard12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Tarnished Eldan Pendant12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Tarnished Eldan Medallion12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Tarnished Eldan Crest12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Tarnished Eldan Bust12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Tablet Fragment1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Standard Rations1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Sock of Coins1 Junk 
[Prototype] Shiny Rock1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Sergeant's Insignia1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Sandwich1 Quest Consumable 
[Prototype] Rusty Flask1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Rusty Firearm1 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Rough Gold Nugget12 Junk126
[Prototype] Rare Tradeskill Rock 31 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Rare Tradeskill Herb 31 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Rare Tradeskill Herb 21 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Rare Tradeskill Herb 11 Quest Item 
[Prototype] Pristine Relic Item 58 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Pristine Relic Item 48 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Pristine Relic Item 38 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Pristine Relic Item 28 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Pristine Relic Item 18 Quest Item68
[Prototype] Pristine Eldan Tabard12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Pristine Eldan Pendant12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Pristine Eldan Medallion12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Pristine Eldan Crest12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Pristine Eldan Bust12 Quest Item126
[Prototype] Old Reliquary1 Quest Consumable 
[Prototype] Numbing Agent1 Quest Item