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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Laundry Lines (Single Line, Pants, & Socks)28 Housing358
Marauder Chair (With Cupholder)28 Housing358
Marauder Cot28 Housing358
Marauder Grill28 Housing358
Mechanist's Bombarding Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Mechanist's Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor633
Mechanist's Warding Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Mercenary's Assailing Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Mercenary's Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor633
Mercenary's Thwarting Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Metal/Wooden Barrel28 Housing358
MindRazer's Afflicting Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
MindRazer's Meditative Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
MindRazer's Vestments28ChestLight Armor633
Modified Platinum Coated Gun28Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun473
Modulated Bulwark28ShieldsGear473
Multiphasic Bulwark28ShieldsGear513
NebMAM VibroSupress VS7 Grips28HandsMedium Armor473
Pell Awning (Huge)28 Housing358
Pell Awning (Large)28 Housing358
Pell Awning (Small)28 Housing358
Phasing Hexatronic Crystal28AugmentGear473
Pistoleer's Fusillade Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
Pistoleer's Invigorating Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
Pistoleer's Vestments28ChestLight Armor633
Platinum Aeroform Greatsword28Primary WeaponWeapon - Greatsword510
Practitioner's Restorative Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Practitioner's Ruthless Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Practitioner's Trench28ChestMedium Armor633
Protostar Microgrippers28HandsMedium Armor473
Protostar Microgrippers28HandsLight Armor473
Protostar Premium Punchers28HandsHeavy Armor473
Protostar Protein Wafer28 Special Meals 
Protostar Squirgskin Gloves28HandsLight Armor473
Protostar Squirgskin Gloves28HandsMedium Armor473
Prototype Powered Greatblade28Primary WeaponWeapon - Greatsword473
Quality Leather Headcover28HeadMedium Armor529
Reactive Plate Shoulder Pads28ShoulderMedium Armor529
Reconfigured Power Claws28Primary WeaponWeapon - Claws513
Red Cushioned Bar Stool28 Housing358
Red Drapes (Open)28 Housing358
Repeating Light Phase Cannon28Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun513
Rough Bone Helmet28HeadMedium Armor416
Round Wooden Table28 Housing358
Rugged Bone Helmet28HeadHeavy Armor416
Rugged Vanadium Helmet28HeadHeavy Armor529
Rune Decorated Suede Gloves28HandsLight Armor473
Sandwich - Tier 428 Special Meals 
Seared Hookfin Tacos28 Special Meals 
Self-Expanding Shipment Container28 Bag459