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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Bioencoded Coif50HeadMedium Armor4285
Biomimetic Receptive Neural Chip50AugmentGear3219
Biomimetic Receptive Polyboots50FeetMedium Armor3098
Biomimetic Receptive Sequencer50 Gear3098
Biomimetic Receptive Shroud50 Gear3794
BitEcho Helm50HeadMedium Armor3794
Bitmapper's Code Repairer50 Gear3098
Blink Shield50ShieldsGear2968
Bloody Surgeon's Apron50LegsMedium Armor4285
Boots of the Road Less Taken50FeetLight Armor3360
Bracers of the Datamonk50HandsMedium Armor3360
Breeches of Boldness50LegsHeavy Armor4285
Brutal Eldan Gauntlets50HandsHeavy Armor1829
Buffering Implant50 Gear3098
Burning Helm50HeadHeavy Armor4285
Cached Memory of the Eldan50AugmentGear3219
Caretaker's Boon50ShieldsGear3794
Case Study Resonators50Primary WeaponWeapon - Paddles3794
Celerity Amplifier50 Gear3794
Channeling Focus50 Gear3360
Cloaking Battle Suit50ChestMedium Armor4840
Closed Network Field50ShieldsGear2968
Cloth of the Virtual50LegsLight Armor4840
Cloud Dancer Pauldrons50ShoulderLight Armor3499
Cloud Dancers50FeetLight Armor3098
Clutches of Ragnarok50HandsLight Armor3794
Coat of Refraction50ChestMedium Armor4840
Code Matron's Ward50ShieldsGear3219
Codewalkers50FeetMedium Armor3360
Cold Synthblood50AugmentGear3635
Cold Synthblood50AugmentGear3635
Commanding Grasps50HandsHeavy Armor3794
Compiler's Cutter50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade3794
Conductivity Gel50 Gear3360
Cone of Precognition50ShieldsGear3635
Constant Shooters50Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols3794
Core Sentinel's Nanolauncher50Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun3360
Core Sentinel's Omnilauncher50Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun3360
Cortical Holoprojector50AugmentGear3635
Counterpointers50HandsHeavy Armor3360
Critical Feedback Interface50 Gear3794
Crown of Achievement50HeadHeavy Armor3499
Crushgore Chest Guard50ChestHeavy Armor3951
Crystalline Multiphasic Cleats50FeetMedium Armor3098
Crystalline Multiphasic Intensifier50AugmentGear2968
Crystalline Multiphasic Shroud50ShoulderMedium Armor3499
Curative Eldan Gauntlets50HandsMedium Armor1829
Curb Stompers50FeetHeavy Armor3098
Cybernetic Trigger Finger50AugmentGear2968
Cypher of The Core50ShoulderMedium Armor4285