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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Side of Space Slaw28 Special Meals 
Simple Marauder Grill28 Housing358
Snub-Nosed Heavy Revolvers28Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols513
Spellbreaker's Fusillade Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
Spellbreaker's Invigorating Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
Spellbreaker's Vestments28ChestLight Armor633
Squirg Extract: Mark II28 Dyes 
Stamped Heavy Hide Chest Guard28ChestMedium Armor633
Stamped Heavy Hide Treads28FeetMedium Armor473
Striker's Invasive Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Striker's Phasing Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Striker's Trench28ChestMedium Armor633
Superweave Chemogrip28 Gear513
Technician's Restorative Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Technician's Ruthless Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Technician's Trench28ChestMedium Armor633
Thin Platinum Alloy Claws28Primary WeaponWeapon - Claws473
Tripoint Psionic Star28Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade513
Tuned Phasic Psyblade28Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade473
Vanadium Etched Hide Spaulders28ShoulderLight Armor529
Vigilante's Invasive Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Vigilante's Phasing Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Vigilante's Trench28ChestMedium Armor633
Warmonger28 Gear533
White Drapes (Open)28 Housing358
Witherspice Waffles28 Special Meals 
Wooden Bed28 Housing358
Aggression Amplifier: Mark III27 Dyes 
Anomalous Absorber27ShieldsGear455
Berserker's Assailing Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Berserker's Legs27LegsHeavy Armor613
Berserker's Thwarting Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Bioweave Shoulder Clutches27HeadMedium Armor401
Branded Whimfiber Wreath27HeadLight Armor401
Decorated Platinum Face Plate27HeadHeavy Armor401
Decorated Platinum Pauldrons27ShoulderHeavy Armor510
Demolisher's Bombarding Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Demolisher's Legs27LegsHeavy Armor613
Demolisher's Warding Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Energized Protoshield27ShieldsGear493
Fashionable Heavy Leather Leg Guards27LegsMedium Armor613
Fashionable Leather Breastplate27ChestMedium Armor613
Fashionable Whimfiber Pants27LegsLight Armor613
Fashionable Whimfiber Robe27ChestLight Armor613
Fine Platinum Chest Guard27ChestHeavy Armor613
Fine Platinum Claws27Primary WeaponWeapon - Claws533
Fine Platinum Greatsword27Primary WeaponWeapon - Greatsword533
Fine Platinum Heavy Gun27Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun533
Fine Platinum Pistols27Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols533
Fine Platinum Psyblade27Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade533