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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Fine Platinum Strikers27Primary WeaponWeapon - Paddles533
Fine Thick Leather Pauldrons27ShoulderMedium Armor510
Fine Whimfiber Epaulets27ShoulderLight Armor510
Flexible Platinum Psyblade27Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade455
Fortitude Augmentation: Mark III27 Dyes 
Galactium Ultrawebbed Regulator27AugmentGear455
Growth Nanites27GadgetGear372
Humming Platinum Zappers27Primary WeaponWeapon - Paddles455
Hypertronic Projector27 Gear493
Interrogator's Afflicting Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Interrogator's Leggings27LegsLight Armor613
Interrogator's Meditative Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Magnaligned Performance Boots27FeetMedium Armor455
Magniweave Amplifier27 Gear515
Mechanist's Bombarding Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Mechanist's Legs27LegsHeavy Armor613
Mechanist's Warding Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Mercenary's Assailing Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
Mercenary's Legs27LegsHeavy Armor613
Mercenary's Thwarting Legs27LegsHeavy Armor640
MindRazer's Afflicting Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
MindRazer's Leggings27LegsLight Armor613
MindRazer's Meditative Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Ornate Leather Gloves27HandsLight Armor455
Ornate Platinum Boots27FeetHeavy Armor455
Ornate Platinum Gauntlets27HandsHeavy Armor455
Ornate Thick Leather Boots27FeetMedium Armor455
Ornate Thick Leather Gauntlets27HandsMedium Armor455
Pistoleer's Fusillade Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Pistoleer's Invigorating Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Pistoleer's Leggings27LegsLight Armor613
Platinum Coated Compact Guns27Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols455
Platinum Inlaid Sacred Sword27Primary WeaponWeapon - Greatsword455
Practitioner's Legs27LegsMedium Armor613
Practitioner's Restorative Legs27LegsMedium Armor640
Practitioner's Ruthless Legs27LegsMedium Armor640
Protostar Deluxe Head Guard27HeadMedium Armor401
Protostar Deluxe Head Guard27HeadLight Armor401
Protostar Gen2b Proton Shield27ShieldsGear358
Protostar Platinum Pauldrons27ShoulderHeavy Armor401
Protostar Special Headcover27HeadLight Armor401
Protostar Special Headcover27HeadMedium Armor401
Runed Warpweave Foot Pads27FeetLight Armor455
Serrated Platinum Alloy Claws27Primary WeaponWeapon - Claws455
Spellbreaker's Fusillade Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Spellbreaker's Invigorating Leggings27LegsLight Armor640
Spellbreaker's Leggings27LegsLight Armor613
Stamped Cobalt Leggings27LegsHeavy Armor613
Static Target Link27 Gear493
Striker's Invasive Legs27LegsMedium Armor640