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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Small Fetish4 Junk10
Chipped Skug Tooth3 Junk 
Dagun Tooth3 Junk 
Large Root3 Junk 
Rusty Necklace3 Junk 
Small Keepsake3 Junk 
Sparkling Grey Dust3 Junk 
Dried Up Seeds2 Junk 
Ragged Pelt2 Junk 
Scrap of Cloth2 Junk 
Small Chipped Stone2 Junk 
Tattered Rags2 Junk 
Torn Hide2 Junk 
1ChestHeavy Armor53
Abnormal Eldan Heart1 Junk 
Airy Flesh1 Junk 
Bloodied War Pig Hide1 Junk 
Bloody Krogg Spike1 Junk 
Bloody Pelt1 Junk 
Bloody Walatusk Hide1 Junk 
Broken Implant1 Junk 
Broken Tooth1 Junk 
Carapace Shard1 Junk 
Carved Lopp Idol1 Junk 
Clay Flesh1 Junk 
Coherent Flesh1 Junk 
Contaminated Rags1 Junk 
Cracked Baubles1 Junk 
Cracked Horn1 Junk 
Cracked Octospider Pincers1 Junk 
Cracked Scrab Pincers1 Junk 
Cracked Spider Pincers1 Junk 
Cracked Turtog Hoof1 Junk 
Cracked Wormite Pincer1 Junk 
Crude Moodie Totem1 Junk 
Damaged Alien Horse Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Boulderback Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Cubig Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Cuboar Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Dawngrazer Hooves1 Junk 
Damaged Elk Deer Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Gears1 Junk 
Damaged Mammodin Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Mechari Gears1 Junk 
Damaged Oxian Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Roan Hoof1 Junk 
Damaged Stumpkin Bark1 Junk 
Deathbringer Ehel's Lost Amulet1 Starts a Quest 
Discolored Alien Dragon Teeth1 Junk 
Discolored Ash Hen Feathers1 Junk