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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▲ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Novice's Relic Blaster10ToolRelic Hunter Tool97
Apprentice's Laser Pickaxe15ToolMining Tool169
Journeyman's Laser Pickaxe25ToolMining Tool314
Artisan's Laser Pickaxe35ToolMining Tool459
Expert's Laser Pickaxe50ToolMining Tool846
Novice's Laser Pickaxe10ToolMining Tool97
Apprentice's Relic Blaster15ToolRelic Hunter Tool169
Journeyman's Relic Blaster25ToolRelic Hunter Tool314
Artisan's Relic Blaster35ToolRelic Hunter Tool459
Expert's Relic Blaster50ToolRelic Hunter Tool846
Apprentice's Laser Chainsaw15ToolSurvivalist Tool169
Journeyman's Laser Chainsaw25ToolSurvivalist Tool314
Artisan's Laser Chainsaw35ToolSurvivalist Tool459
Expert's Laser Chainsaw50ToolSurvivalist Tool846
Novice's Laser Chainsaw10ToolSurvivalist Tool97
Fishing Cannon ToolFishing Tool97
Test Laser Pickaxe1ToolMining Tool 
Amice of Ice24ShoulderLight Armor492
OUTFIT_DrakenVillager_002_Shoulders ShoulderCostume24
Plated Electrolite Shoulder Sash39ShoulderMedium Armor810
Mantle of Flavor Crystals ShoulderLight Armor529
Superior Mercenary's Shoulders24ShoulderHeavy Armor387
Snowstorm Cloak40ShoulderMedium Armor1121
Collar of Primal Energy50ShoulderLight Armor1555
Simple Canvas Epaulets19ShoulderLight Armor399
Basic Galactium Ribbons39ShoulderLight Armor810
Inceptionist's Gilded Seekers50ShoulderLight Armor2529
Foebleeder's Invasive Shoulders44ShoulderMedium Armor1166
Ceremonial Magnimesh Shouldersash49ShoulderMedium Armor1430
Improved Fibermod Whim Mantle33ShoulderLight Armor661
Extravagant Xenocite Shoulder Armor39ShoulderHeavy Armor879
Spellbreaker's Invigorating Shawl24ShoulderLight Armor493
Well-Made Galactium Collar39ShoulderLight Armor879
Type I Titanium Weave Upper Cannon16ShoulderHeavy Armor326
Polaris Brute Pauldrons24ShoulderMedium Armor455
Extravagant Xenocite Shoulder Sash39ShoulderMedium Armor879
Shipwreck Shoulder Blocks ShoulderHeavy Armor492
Shouldersash of Primal Power50ShoulderMedium Armor1555
Bent Thick Leather Pauldrons17ShoulderMedium Armor256
Polaris SR17 Shoulder Guards24ShoulderMedium Armor455
Vigilante's Shoulders24ShoulderMedium Armor358
Seer's Shawl44ShoulderLight Armor780
Vigilante's Mantle40ShoulderLight Armor1267
Vexillari's Phasing Shoulder Sash50ShoulderMedium Armor2230
Superior Mechanist's Shoulders24ShoulderHeavy Armor533
Polaris Deft Defender Ribbons24ShoulderLight Armor455
Forerunner's Afflicting Mantle50ShoulderLight Armor2623
'Adventus' MA-2S Tech Spaulders50ShoulderMedium Armor1493
Marauder Spaulders ShoulderMedium Armor492
Dusthaven's Defense50ShoulderMedium Armor2151