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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▲ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
AMR_Darkspur_Goon_Chest ChestCostume68
Sturdy Titanium Breastplate21ChestHeavy Armor455
ECU Reinforced Leather Scout Dust Coat26ChestMedium Armor686
Invasive Professional's Trench36ChestMedium Armor1079
Heirloom Spellslinger Chest1ChestLight Armor105
Basic Protoplate Doublet40ChestMedium Armor1034
AMR_E_Light_013_Chest ChestCostume68
Fatalis Flight Suit ChestHeavy Armor780
Flamewing Flak Jacket22ChestHeavy Armor510
Grimveil Metasuit8ChestHeavy Armor215
Retributor's Phasing Mesh Guard50ChestMedium Armor2963
Saitaurus's Battlerager Breastplate50ChestHeavy Armor1904
Phasing Professional's Trench36ChestMedium Armor1079
Silver Grazer11ChestLight Armor326
Stamped Heavy Hide Chest Guard28ChestMedium Armor633
Garroter's Phasing Mesh Guard50ChestMedium Armor2519
Scientist's Lab Coat ChestCostume53
Modified Xenocite Mesh Guard39ChestMedium Armor1077
AMR_E_Light_013A_Chest ChestCostume68
AMR_Battle_Battle_000_Chest ChestCostume68
Charlatan's Vestment18ChestLight Armor433
Withering Garb50ChestHeavy Armor3951
Fusillade Duelist's Vestment36ChestLight Armor1079
Superior Judicator's Vestments18ChestLight Armor494
Technician's Restorative Trench28ChestMedium Armor661
Superior Warden's Trench48ChestMedium Armor1679
Decorated Magnifiber Hauberk50ChestMedium Armor1829
Cloth Shirt ChestLight Armor97
Layered Galactium Splint Mail39ChestHeavy Armor1077
AMR_E_Light_014_Chest ChestCostume68
AMR_Battle_Battle_000A_Chest ChestCostume68
Falkrinsblood Chestplate22ChestHeavy Armor510
Mechanist's Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor633
Grim Hauberk9ChestHeavy Armor233
Mercenary's Dust Coat30ChestMedium Armor881
Static Plate50ChestHeavy Armor2151
Invigorating Duelist's Vestment36ChestLight Armor1079
Superior Swashbuckler's Trench18ChestMedium Armor494
Light Cloth Shirt10ChestLight Armor184
Molded Thick Leather Chest Guard31ChestMedium Armor749
Swindler's Meditative Raiment50ChestLight Armor2519
Ceremonial Ultrafiber Jerkin40ChestMedium Armor1079
AMR_E_Light_014A_Chest ChestCostume68
AMR_Battle_Battle_001A_Chest ChestCostume68
ECU Platinum War Plastron31ChestHeavy Armor843
Defender's Flexsteel Coat15ChestMedium Armor455
Ultratronic Enforcer's Longshirt32ChestHeavy Armor747
Modified Lieutenant's Longcoat50ChestMedium Armor1619
Conservator's Ruthless Mesh Guard50ChestMedium Armor2519
Fusillade Marksman's Vestment36ChestLight Armor1079