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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▲ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Lucent's Hyperwave Pauldrons ShoulderMedium Armor565
Lucent Cyanic Cap  Quest Item 
Lowborn Tattered Gloves12HandsLight Armor178
Lowborn Mittens HandsLight Armor233
Lowborn Greaves LegsHeavy Armor344
Low-Top Air Achnids45FeetLight Armor1124
Low-Grav Pad FABkit35 Housing459
Low-Energy Eldan Pulse Shield ShieldsGear416
Low Viscosity Flux  Reagent - Crafting39
Low Gravity Manawebbed Faceplate32HeadHeavy Armor661
Low Gravity Manaweave Headgear32HeadMedium Armor661
Low Gravity Manafiber Skullcap32HeadLight Armor661
Low Gravity Electrolite Helmet32HeadMedium Armor661
Low Gravity Electrofiber Visor32HeadHeavy Armor661
Low Gravity Electrofabric Headcover32HeadLight Armor661
Low Dominion Fence26 Housing329
Lost Memento1 Starts a Quest 
Lore Runes1 Junk 
Lord's Lawbringers Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols307
Lord's Last Stand50FeetHeavy Armor1686
Lord Venator's Broadsword Primary WeaponWeapon - Greatsword111
Lord Hoarfrost's Glacial Deflector50ShieldsGear1430
Lord Hoarfrost's Glacial Barrier25ShieldsGear493
Lord Hoarfrost's Frozen Forcefield25ShieldsGear493
Lord Hoarfrost's Frozen Field Generator50ShieldsGear1430
Loppsided Crystal Lattice Field25ShieldsGear493
Loppibaba's Lucky Shorts45LegsMedium Armor1619
Loppfoot's Shroud ShoulderLight Armor993
Lopp-Stitched Balaclava40HeadLight Armor1121
Lopp-Crusher 9000 AugmentGear126
Lopp Wooden Fence18 Housing213
Lopp Victory Mask HeadLight Armor778
Lopp Trophy Shrine1 Housing459
Lopp Snowman35 Housing459
Lopp Rainstick1 Housing242
Lopp Party FABkit29 Housing587
Lopp Jug (Tall)5 Housing24
Lopp Jug (Short)5 Housing24
Lopp Hookah47 Housing749
Lopp Fur Dye  Dyes 
Lopp Fur Dye  Dyes 
Lopp Flute  Quest Activated 
Lopp Doomsday Stick35 Housing459
Lopp Carved Gizmos  Reagent - Crafting358
Lopp Carrot Sign Post35 Housing459
Lopp Burrows: Hovels or Hidden Gems?15 Crafting Supplies169
Lopp Architecture: Hovels or Hidden Gems?1 Crafting Supplies459
Loose Wires35 Housing459
Loose Lips Galixio's Tunic50ChestLight Armor1904
Loose Lips Galixio's Shirt50ChestLight Armor1904