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Found 33516 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Attractive Platinum Greaves28LegsHeavy Armor633
Attractive Thick Hide Greaves28LegsMedium Armor633
Attractive Whimfiber Trousers28LegsLight Armor633
Bejeweled Starloom Foot Pads28FeetLight Armor473
Berserker's Assailing Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Berserker's Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor633
Berserker's Thwarting Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Big, Worn Easy Chair28 Housing358
Bioplated Galactium Augmentor28 Gear536
Blue Tattered Couch28 Housing358
Branded Cobalt Alloy Treads28FeetHeavy Armor473
Branded Cobalt-Alloy Spaulders28ShoulderHeavy Armor529
Branded Heavy Hide-Alloy Pauldrons28ShoulderMedium Armor529
Bulky Polished Shock Plates28Primary WeaponWeapon - Paddles513
Car Theme Coffee Table28 Housing358
Chua Bookcase (Short)28 Housing358
Chua Bookcase (Tall)28 Housing358
Chua Table28 Housing358
Creamy Tuskan Noodles28 Special Meals 
Crystal Healer28HeadMedium Armor547
Cup of Tea28 Housing358
Dagun Dog28 Special Meals 
Decorated Platinum Gauntlets28HandsHeavy Armor473
Delicious Fried Scorpid28 Special Meals 
Demolisher's Bombarding Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Demolisher's Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor633
Demolisher's Warding Hauberk28ChestHeavy Armor661
Dominion Bookshelf28 Housing358
Dominion Metal Crate28 Housing358
Dresser (Car Themed, Open)28 Housing358
Energized Galactium Augmentor28 Gear513
Enhanced Energy Burst Guns28Primary WeaponWeapon - Pistols473
Exiles Bookcase28 Housing358
Exo-Lab Shipment Container28 Bag387
Fine Biomesh Halo28HeadLight Armor529
Flamboyant Shoulder Ribbons28ShoulderLight Armor529
Glazed Girrok Claw28 Special Meals 
Grand Platinum Coated Sword28Primary WeaponWeapon - Greatsword513
Heart Collection Side Table28 Housing358
Heart Collection Table Lamp28 Housing358
Hyperfield Force Disruptors28Primary WeaponWeapon - Paddles473
Immobile Counter: Mark II28 Dyes 
Infused Warpweave Robe28ChestLight Armor633
Interrogator's Afflicting Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
Interrogator's Meditative Vestments28ChestLight Armor661
Interrogator's Vestments28ChestLight Armor633
Karmic Wave Amplifier28GadgetGear387
Laundry Lines (Anchored)28 Housing358
Laundry Lines (Freestanding Set)28 Housing358
Laundry Lines (Single Line, Pants, & Shirt)28 Housing358