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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Req Lvl ▼ Zone ▼ Faction▼ Image
Guide ▼
Called to Stormcaller Landing31The DestinyDominion
Combating the Contagion31Everstar GroveExile
Death Before Dishonor31Crimson IsleDominion
Don't Anger the Zax31Crimson IsleDominion
Eldan Excavation31Levian BayDominion
Eldan Insecurity31Levian BayDominion
Eldan Transmitter 31Levian BayDominion
Empowered Tower31Northern WildsExile
Enter the Station31Levian BayDominion
Everstar Grove31The Gambler's RuinExile
Find Artemis Zin31Levian BayDominion
Forward March31Crimson IsleDominion
Introduction to the Caretaker31Levian BayDominion
Introduction to the Zax31Crimson IsleDominion
Jagged Cove31The DestinyDominion
Lighting the Way31Levian BayDominion
Lighting the Way31Levian BayDominion
Living Batteries31Everstar GroveExile
Look What the Eldan Dregged In31Crimson IsleDominion
Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab31Crimson IsleDominion
Mondo's Beachhead31The DestinyDominion
Mysteries of the Eldan31The Gambler's RuinExile
Mysteries of the Eldan31The Gambler's RuinExile
Mysteries of the Eldan31The DestinyDominion
Mysteries of the Eldan31The DestinyDominion
Nature's Uprising31Everstar GroveExile
Never Thayd Away31The Gambler's RuinExile
Ordnance Recovery31Crimson IsleDominion
Perils of Alchemy31Everstar GroveExile
Powering Down31Crimson IsleDominion
Reporting for Duty31Northern WildsExile
Rerouting Power31Levian BayDominion
Root Resuscitation31Everstar GroveExile
Savage Coast Savagery31The DestinyDominion
Seizing Power31Crimson IsleDominion
Spatial Anomaly 31Crimson IsleDominion
Stand and Deliver31Levian BayDominion
Stasis, Interrupted31Crimson IsleDominion
Stasis, Interrupted31Crimson IsleDominion
Supply Drop31Crimson IsleDominion
The Arboretum31Everstar GroveExile
The Arboretum31Everstar GroveExile
The Ravenous Grove31The Gambler's RuinExile
The Serum is the Life31Everstar GroveExile
The Tower31Northern WildsExile
The Wealthy Bones31Levian BayDominion
Trampled Under Hoof31Everstar GroveExile
Venomous Intent31Crimson IsleDominion
Waking Elderoot31Everstar GroveExile
Welcome to Crimson Isle31Crimson IsleDominion