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The Serum is the Life


The Mordesh value Vitalus Serum, the one thing that prevents them from completely succumbing to the Contagion. Unfortunately, it does nothing to help Mordesh who have died. Any extra serum you find on deceased alchemists should be returned to Victor Lazarin in Elderoot Refuge.

The Serum is the Life 941 Inside Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum.


1. Extract Vitalus Serum from Dead Alchemist in Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum


3. Begin your journey towards Elderoot Refuge


Report to Victor Lazarin in Elderoot Refuge


  • 152XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 3

Required Level: 1


Zone: Everstar Grove

Category: Zone – Everstar Grove

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