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The Arboretum (Exile)


To communicate with an ancient, sentient tree, Lucy Lazarin requires Psygill Mushroom. They’re found within Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum and grow on the Elderoot Deathcap who lurk there. Once acquired, give them to her father, Victor Lazarin, at his laboratory in Elderoot Refuge.


1. Find the entrance to Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum and gain access to it

2. Collect Psygill Mushroom found inside Exo-Lab 71: The Arboretum and on Elderoot Deathcap

3. Begin your journey toward Elderoot Refuge

4. Check in with Queen Myala Everstar in Elderoot Refuge


Report to Victor Lazarin in Elderoot Refuge


  • 152XP

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 3

Required Level: 1


Zone: Everstar Grove

Category: Zone – Everstar Grove

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