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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Req Lvl ▼ Zone ▼ Faction▼ Image
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The Defiler's Gambit [GROUP 5+]5047The DefileExile, Dominion
The Enemy of My Enemy5050The DefileExile
The Enemy of My Enemy5050The DefileDominion
The Form of Terror [GROUP 5+]5047The DefileExile, Dominion
The Game's Afoot5047The DefileExile
The Game's Afoot 5047The DefileDominion
The Gauntlet Project5050Exile, Dominion
The Great Undiscovered Project5050Dominion
The Great Undiscovered Project5050Exile
The Meal That Got Away5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
The Never-Ending Corruption [GROUP 5+]5050BlighthavenExile, Dominion
The Primal Balance5050BlighthavenExile, Dominion
The Reason behind the Experiment5050GrimvaultDominion
The Shatterpaw Menace5047The DefileExile
The Shatterpaw Menace5047The DefileDominion
They'll Thank You Later5050Northern WastesDominion
They'll Thank You Later5050Northern WastesExile
Threat Response5047The DefileExile
Threat Response5047The DefileDominion
Timely Observations5050Northern WastesDominion
Timely Observations5050Northern WastesExile
Today's Mystery Ingredient5050BlighthavenExile, Dominion
Toil and Trouble5050Isle of EternityExile, Dominion
Torine Tools5050IlliumDominion
Torine Tools5050ThaydExile
Tourist Trap [GROUP 5+]5050BlighthavenExile, Dominion
Tricky Traps5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
Unexpected Discovery [GROUP 2+]5049Crimson BadlandsExile
Unexpected Discovery [GROUP 2+]5049Crimson BadlandsDominion
Viral Antibodies5050BlighthavenDominion
WANTED: Cerebral [GROUP5+]5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
WANTED: Mortigor the Risen [GROUP 5+]5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
WANTED: Vlork the Vicious [GROUP 2+]5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
Welcome Gifts5050Northern WastesDominion
Welcome Gifts5050Northern WastesExile
What is going on here?5018AuroriaDominion
What is going on here?5047GrimhavenExile, Dominion
What is happening!?5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
What needs to be done here?5047GrimhavenExile, Dominion
What's going on here?5047GrimhavenExile, Dominion
What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?5050BlighthavenDominion
What's the Password?5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
What's Yours Is Mine5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
With Great Power5046Western GrimvaultExile, Dominion
X Marks the Spot5050GrimhavenExile, Dominion
[DAILY] Cosmotail on the Rocks5050The Borellian ClusterDominion
[DAILY] Cosmotail on the Rocks5050The Borellian ClusterExile
[DAILY] Graylight's Golden Rule5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
[DAILY] Graylight's Golden Rule5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion
[DAILY] Halon Hustle5050The Borellian ClusterExile, Dominion