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Find Artemis Zin


Wingman Volaticus has asked you to retrieve Artemis Zin Cambot Z-1n and Cambot AR-2ms and to kill some of the malverines responsible for dragging away the equipment. Bring the equipment and report to Artemis Zin overlooking Star-Comm Station.


1. Kill malverines on your way to Star-Comm Station

2. Retrieve Artemis Zin Cambot Z-1n on the way to Star-Comm Station

Find Artemis Zin 51 Inside Stalker’s Den. A datacube and a quest are located in this cave as well.

3. Retrieve Artemis Zin Cambot AR-2ms on the way to Star-Comm Station


Speak to Artemis Zin at Star-Comm Station


Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 3

Required Level: 1


Zone: Levian Bay

Category: Zone – Levian Bay

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