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Divine Incubation


Jariel: The Archon


The Incubator is now complete, and the Pell test subject has been prepared for primal infusion. With this experiment, I feel as if we are boldly venturing into an unexplored abyss – shattering the boundaries of science as we pursue our great work here on Nexus. I would never tell the others this, but I truly believe that divinity is finally within our grasp.

Quick Facts

Type: Datacube

Wildstar Dungeons Presentation @ GamesCom

We were almost late to the start of this great presentation. It took us 2:30 minutes to get setup and not have to move the camera from all the people attending the presentation. Focusing of our camera and the big screen did not want to cooperate. Still, we managed to record the Wildstar Dungeons Presentation, even if we had to do a video trick here and there. I hope you enjoy the information you can get from the panel and that at least some parts of the video will visually manage to relate all the dynamics of running a Wildstar dungeon.

Arkship Dungeons Interview with Christopher Behrens

As some of you might know we attended a gathering of Wildstar websites in Brighton, UK, called Arkship EU 2013. We took this awesome opportunity to meet and talk to several Carbine game developers and staff. All of them are really nice and very knowledgeable people and we took the opportunity to interview some of them. Since the overall theme of Arkship was the ability for us to play the newly announced dungeon, Stormtalon’s Lair, we talked dungeons with none other but Lead Systems Designer, Mr. Christopher Behrens. Here’s the video of the interview and you can find the full transcript bellow:

Click here to read the full interview transcript