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WildStar Runecrafting Guide

Runecrafting in WildStar is the only way to customize your gear, attribute-wise. Almost every piece of gear has rune slots where you can put runes, and each rune gives a certain amount of one attribute – primary or secondary and some even grant powerful bonuses. You probably completed level 15 quest for runecrafting after you had visited your capital city for the first time, but honestly, that quest doesn’t explain the rune system completely. So let’s go over it one more time.

Engraving Station

Everyone gets it at level 15, and there is nothing to level up, nothing to discover, no skill tree, talents, schematics… Pretty simple, craft and put runes in corresponding gear slots – fire runes into fire sockets, air runes into air sockets, etc. You do that at the engraving station in Illium/Thayd. Interacting with the station opens a screen with two tabs: Create Runes and Equip Runes.

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Upcoming Itemization Changes

According to J-Tal, Carbine Studios Staff, implementation of the next WildStar major patch is completed and all fans can expect huge itemization changes and updates. This is an abridged version of the upcoming itemization changes, and more in depth explanation of the exact changes will be available in the patch notes when this patch goes live.
Assorted Itemization Updates:

  • Fixed several Elder Gem vendor items that cost Gold instead of Elder Gems.
  • Level 50 Veteran quality Rare and Epic gear on the Elder Gem vendor now all have the correct purchase requirements. Rare quality rewards now require the achievement for killing the final boss in the Veteran dungeons. Epic quality rewards now require the achievement for getting a Gold Medal in the Veteran dungeons and adventures. The exact requirement varies from item to item.
  • Grimvault Path Zone Episode Completion rewards are now all Bind on Acquire.
  • Seeds have been removed from the Chest of Crafting Components rewards on Challenges.
  • Assault Power and Support Power now give more stat per budget point.

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