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Crafting Your First Rune (Exile)


Crafting Trainer Thorpe has given you the materials to create a Rune of Grit for an Earth Runeslot, which can be used to enhance your gear. Go to the Engraving Station in Thayd and get to work!


1. Craft a Rune of Grit for an Earth Runeslot at a nearby Engraving Station in Thayd

Crafting Your First Rune 851 Get close to Engraving Station and use it.
Crafting Your First Rune 852 Within Runecrafting tab, select Earth and Rune of Grit. Hit Craft button next.


Return to Crafting Trainer Thorpe with your completed Rune of Grit


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 18

Required Level: 15


Zone: Thayd

Category: Tradeskills

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