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How to access Wildstar Public Test Realm

wildstar ptr strain
As you probably know Carbine team is testing out the upcoming content drop Strain on a new Public Test Realm (PTR) Nexus. The Public Test Server can be accessed through the WildStarPTR download http://wildstar.patcher.ncsoft.com/PTR/WildStarPTR.exe under the following circumstances:

  • As long as you have an Active WildStar subscription (NA or EU) you will be able to access the PTR.
  • “Boost” NPC’s will be available in PTR Nexus that will level you up and give you gear.
  • “Boost” NPC’s will only be available for players who have earned a level 50 on a Live Realm before 6/12.
  • PTR will be up and available 24/7, similar to any other Realm, for the remainder of the time that Drop #1 Strain needs to be tested.
  • Character wipes may be needed on the PTR from time to time and your progress on this Realm may be lost!
  • In-game localization of Drop 1 will not be ready for Day 1 of PTR, but Carbine team works to make it available in a future update.
  • Additional discussions and bug reports related to Nexus Public Test Realm are set up on the official forums under Public Test Realm topics.