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WildStar Patch Notes #6731

The latest WildStar build #6731 is available from June 13th, 2014, comes with a ~ 400 MB patch. Patch notes are included below:

  • Items in a guild bank will properly transfer when a new guild leader is promoted.
  • Added a way to filter guild invites.  This can be turned on from the Interface Options menu or the invites themselves.  The filter blocks invites from players who are not in your friends list or share a guild/circle/arena team/warparty with you.[/size]
  • A new report spam feature has been implemented for the Mail system.  This functions similar to the right click report feature in chat, and players will be able to smite those pesky gold spammers via this system. Buhbye spammers!
  • Clarified the realm transfer error messaging if a Player Character is the leader of a guild or a Warparty.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the shutdown of one instance of an instanced world.
  • Fixed a user server crash that sometime occur when a guild is disbanded.
  • Fixed a world crash related to realm transfers and character deletions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be charged multiple times when buying the Advanced or Expert Riding Skills.
  • Fixed certain issues pertaining to settlement reputations improperly reading parent faction (“The Exiles” or “The Dominion”) reputation values.
  • Lower-case j spacing has been fixed. LOOK UPON MY LOWERCASE J AND DESPAIR!
  • Subtitles on cinematics will now use word wrap.
  • There is now a new marker for when an item is not multi-redeemable, which basically means you can only use it once.
  • We will no longer display your IP Address when you are disconnected for some reason. Sorry streamers! :(

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Patch Notes #6723

The latest WildStar build #6723 is available from June 10th, 2014. Patch notes are included below:

  • The EULA has been updated. Read it! It’s awesome, as EULAs go.
  • Improved performance on AMD processors which are powering down because the game is not heavily using any single core by having the main thread of the game prefer to be scheduled on a single core.

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Patch Notes #6714

The latest WildStar build #6714 is available from June 5th, 2014, comes with a ~ 30 MB patch. Patch notes are included below:

  • Fixed a number of server crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where account items occasionally could not be claimed.
  • Fixed a bug where claimed account items would sometimes disappear.
  • Practice Arenas will no longer award loot bags or prestige upon completion (or win) of the Arena’s public events.
  • Practice Battlegrounds that are started from the “My Realm Only” queue will no longer award loot bags, experience, or prestige upon completion (or win) of the Practice Ground’s public events.
  • PvP runes can now only be placed into PvP gear.
  • The Exile quest “Peculiar Flora” in Whitevale can now be turned in after the frozen and live samples are collected. This quest should no longer cause conflicts with “The Emissary”.
  • Fixed an issue with the quest “Primal Powers and Triton’s Dread” in Whitevale where Primal Gillsting would not spawn correctly.
  • The Flank Tank from “Gates of Fire” in Grimvault will no longer hurt Bulgoth the Wallbreaker.
  • Neutral Darkspur in Gallow no longer reward XP when killed.
  • The quest “Darkspur Karaoke” will now complete upon successful completion of the bar brawl.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the riding skill upgrades to not be visible at the mount vendor unless the player was using action set 1.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the riding skill purchase to not take effect if the player had no AMP points available.
  • Monster Hunting quest for Raid Attunement is no longer available from Kezrek or Durek until players are on the correct step of the Genesis Key attunement process.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to interact with the Primal Logic Transfer Control in Exo-Lab Prime, blocking progress.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would prevent players from interacting with the Personnel Index Panel in Exo-Lab Prime, blocking progress.
  • Fixed issue where some players were unable to use the Sterilization Device on the corrupted growth in Exo-Lab X39, blocking progress.
  • Vendors “Provisioner Omnichron” and “Trader Nexa” in Crimson Badlands have been forced to take a temporary leave of absence from their posts, and will return soon.
  • Vendors “Supplier Serra” and “Shopkeeper Thriftyroot” in Containment R-12 have been forced to take a temporary leave of absence from their posts, and will return soon.
  • Due to a bug in how reputation requirements were checked on reputation reward vendors, the gear rewards from Crimson Badlands and Containment R-12 have been downgraded to green-quality items. The sell prices on these items have been updated to the original buy price, allowing you to sell back these items for their initial cost (you won’t lose any gold). New items at the original item power levels will be available on the vendors for the correct reputation requirements upon the vendors’ return.
  • Fixed a bug where guest accounts were moving through the queue too quickly, relative to non-guest accounts.

Patch Notes #6708

The latest WildStar build #6708 is available from May 28th, 2014, comes with a ~ 700 MB patch and handful of changes which include improvements to Housing system, Player to Player Trading, and numerous bug fixes.


  • The Drusera story instances are now unlocked for all players. Journey through the heart of Nexus and unlock its darkest secrets.
  • Added a /random command that will generate a random number on the server and display it to everyone in your party.
  • Added Story Movie at the beginning of the game.
  • Updated the EULA and Privacy Policies.
  • Implemented the final game credits for launch!
  • Continent artwork has been updated and is now complete.
  • Fixed a crash related to AMPs that modify spell parameters such as resource cost.
  • Fixed a bug with instance throttling where instances were taking longer to expire than intended.
  • Adjusted loading screen tips related to the Social Menu and the Group Finder to properly reflect their default keybinds.
    • Social is now O (from H).
    • Group Finder is now N (from O).
  • Reduced falling and sliding damage while tethered.
  • It is no longer possible for spells to get stuck attempting to recast themselves when using the mouse to click with Hold to Continue Casting enabled.
  • Players should no longer appear as moving corpses to other players in the rare cases that they were.
  • Player to Player Trading – It is no longer possible to delete an item while it is in an active trade with another player, causing a trade to fail.

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WildStar Open Beta Patch Notes – Build 6670

wildstar open beta patch notes
In preparation for the upcoming WildStar Open Beta period from May 8th through May 18th, 2014, Carbine team released new patch notes #6670.

  • The level cap for open beta has been raised to 30. Additionally, you may now reach the Journeyman tier of tradeskills. The Path level cap has also been raised to 20.
  • Enabled German & French language options.

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Patch Notes Build 6658

This latest WildStar update available from May 1st, comes with a handful of changes which include improvements to classes, housing system, user interface, tradeskills, dungeons and much more.


  • Housing and Shiphand missions should no longer cause large amounts of lag.
  • Fixed a number of issues that were causing server crashes and instability.
  • Players falling under the world should no longer end up getting stuck. Such situations will be auto-detected and Players will have to resurrect immediately to the nearest safe spot.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing some Players from entering the world.
  • Effective level (used when mentoring or rallying) can no longer be outside the normal level ranges.
  • Story panels should no longer cause a server message bug.
  • Fixed some issues related to cross-realm transfers.
  • Players should no longer encounter infinite loading screens.

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