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WildStar Medic Class

Medic Wildstar Class
Capable of both healing and doing DPS, Medics are trying to take the best from both worlds. Even though their range is shorter than the Esper’s or Spellslinger’s, Medics can be extremely dangerous because they can cast all of their abilities while moving. They are not your typical medic class.

With some clever customization and use of Medic’s abilities, players are able to create characters that will both do DPS and heal, in some cases even at the some time. Several abilities that they posses create fields which can then be strategically placed on the battlefield so that they damage enemies and heal friendlies that stand in them.
Except for Fields, the Medic’s power is well placed in lethal Resonators and Probes. Who will bother complaining about medium armor, when enemies will have big problems deflecting Medic’s hyper-offensive attacks and pesky Probes.
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