What to do at level 50 guide

Welcome to level 50, cupcake. Leveling guides 1-50 are behind us, but the question is: what now? The answers are given in our comprehensive guide that covers activities and new or redesigned current features available for both PvE and PvP endgame content. So, lets start.

Elder Gem

The most noticeable change will appear on your experience bar, where you stop earning experience point. But, you start earning Elder points for every task and kill that would award you with experience points. For every 75k Elder Points you get 1 Elder Gem, used to purchase various items and unlocks at the Elder Gem vendor in Illium / Thayd. Weekly cap is 140 elder gems or 10.5 million Elder Points.

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Secret Stash Locations Guide

wildstar secret stashes
Secret Stashes can be defined as hidden floating treasure chests that grant you free loot and achievement upon interacting with them. If you look under exploration achievement tab, you can check out whether this zone hides a stash. Loot level is always determined by the zone level, and you can obtain rewards once per character. Stashes are always located at the same place.
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Wildstar Costumes Gallery

Wildstar allows a lot of customization in every aspect of the game. You can customize your house, mount, and even fortresses, but one customization most players sooner or later delve into is character customization. This is accomplished by equipping costume items through styles vendor. Style vendors are located in major cities and various other locations throughout Nexus. When you interact with the NPC it lets you equip a costume item into its appropriate slot and looks of that costume item will overwrite whatever item you are wearing in that slot (you keep the stats – only looks change). You are allowed to even equip items that are not costumes and have their looks show, but special costume items are the most fun. Here’s a list with screenshots of most of the available costumes in the game right now.

Raidin’ Costume Set

This costume set randomly drops from Boomboxes that people that beta tested the game got as reward for their testing efforts (and making Wildstar a better game). These items are currently the most expensive items you can find in the auction house. Their price ranges from 1-10 platinum, which is higher even than C.R.E.D.D. packages. When you look at the screenshot bellow it becomes apparent why this is the most sought after costume set in Wildstar at the moment.

Raidin Costume Screenshot

Here’s an item list of all pieces individually: Raidin’ Costume Set

click here to see all the Costume sets with screenshots


Best WildStar Addons

wildstar best addons
A few days ago I came across a great thread on reddit about WildStar must have addons. I decided to test some of them and they really changed my gameplay. In the list below you’ll find their descriptions, and links to download pages. I also added my notes about some of them. I didn’t post any observation about Quests and Leveling addons, because they are very similar, and it’s up to you which one will suite you best. I also created a guide how to install WildStar addons. If I missed any great addon, please let me know in the comments below.
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How to activate WildStar Two-Step Verification

wildstar 2 Step VerificationCarbine team added 2-Step Verification as additional verification step, that will increase the level of security on player’s account. Two-Step verification is a free process but you need Google account, and an Android/iOS/Windows Phone or Windows PC with Net 4.0.

Not only does 2-Step Verification help protect your account, but once you activate it, you’ll get in-game WildStar goodies:


  • Progression Boosts: 2% Increase to Experience, Renown, and Prestige gain
  • Retroblade Mount
  • Character Title: Certifiably Certified
  • Costume Piece: Cybernetic Eyepatch

Find out more about Two-Step Verification Set-Up process »


WildStar AMPs guide with vendor locations

wildstar amp guideAMPs System is part of WildStar Action Set Builder (default key ‘B’). At level 6 you’ll unlock AMPs. You can find AMP tab right next to your Abilities tab. This feature allows you to get extra stats and additionally tune character’s build. While leveling, your character earns AMP points. At level cap, your character will have 45 AMP points obtained through leveling. At level 50 you can get 10 more AMP points by spending Elder Gems. Elder gem vendor sells item called AMP Power Upgrade that unlocks an additional point of AMP Power. A maximum of 55 AMP Power can be unlocked through leveling and bonuses. Placing points into unlocked AMPS adds new features like: abilities cooldown reductions, adds lifesteal to your attacks, improves secondary stats, unlocks new spells, adds effects on heal, damage, kill, abilities and etc.

Once you open AMPs Tab you’ll see 6 AMP sections – Assault, Support, Utility, Hybrid A/S, Hybrid A/U, Hybrid S/U grouped in three circles, representing Tiers. Each Section reflects the play stile of a player. While Assault gives more commodities for damage dealers, Support section gives more commodities to healers and tanks, Utility gives more commodities to PvP combat, Hybrid A/U; A/S; S/U with their commodities tries to connects Assault, Support and Utility.
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