The Price of Defeat

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  1. On wooden crate thats stands on wooden platform, next to group of hostile creatures, just east from nearby Ore Sample that gives quest “Exanite Examination”, part- Collect Osun Ore Samples by Destroying Osun Ore Deposits, Battleblood Trench.
  2. On the edge of a small shrine, close to Ruins of Kel Voreth, dungeon entrance, Kel Voreth.
  3. On ground, close to couple of NPC quest givers like Scout Tricus and Scout Hazira, next to a pile of junk Warherald’s Way.
  4. On a book, that stands on a wooden crate, inside of a house, close to Captain Acrie quest giver, The Western Battlefront. Capatin Acrie lies on a blackish platform.
  5. On ground, inside tent that stands next to a burn out Outpost Dawn Bounty Board, Outpost Dawn. This Outpost Dawn Bounty Board gives quest “[GROUP 2+] WANTED: Outpost Annoyances”, part- Kill Deathcaw.
  6. On ground, close to wolf Skrappy, inside area that is surrounded with wire fence, Outpost Dawn.
  7. Next to a control consoles with a lowered radar, close to Tech Seeker Logistician mob, DREDplex: Giant Crusher.
  8. Inside house that has almost no furniture, next to a small ladders, Meadow Point. This house has circular foundation. It is the most Southwestern house in this area.




The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat

The Price of Defeat


General Zarkuna One-Horn, Supreme Commander of the Dominion Legions, stood silently before the emperor, awaiting judgment. His trusted friend and second-in-command, Colonel Kezrek Warbringer, sat behind him in the assembled crowd.

Zarkuna One-Horn had just recounted his spectacularly embarrassing defeat at the battle of Jorigan Prime. The emperor had tasked the general with hunting down the Granok renegade Durek Stonebreaker to punish him for his crimes against the Dominion. The One-Horn had sworn that
he would do it or die trying.

Zarkuna had pursued Durek and the Destroyers to the Fringe world Jorigan Prime. Stonebreaker had retreated behind the planet, using its mass to shield his troops from the approaching Dominion forces. Zarkuna sensed that victory was near. Despite Kezrek’s vehement warnings, the general ordered a full-scale assault and led the charge in his own personal battleship.

Stonebreaker had anticipated the general’s reckless maneuver. Arriving on the far side of the planet, Zar
kuna found himself caught in a vicious ambush. More than half of his forces were destroyed in the initial attack, and the general’s ship barely escaped after being engaged and damaged by the Stonebreaker’s war frigate.

Emperor Myrcalus sat in silence, regarding Zarkuna with an unfathomable gaze. By Dominion law, Zarkuna would be stripped of his title and executed by firing squad for dishonoring the empire. Myrcalus stood, preparing to deliver the sentence.

But before he could do so, Kezrek Warbringer
rose from his seat. He turned and addressed the emperor directly, speaking in the ancient tongue of his people.

“By the old ways of Mikros, I challenge the One-Horn for command of the Legions.”

Hushed whispers filled the room. Such a challenge involved combat to the death.

“Then by the old ways it will be done,” replied Emperor Myrcalus, speaking the ancient Draken dialect as if it was his own.

Each was stripped to the waist, and given a blade forged in the fires of Mount Crucible on planet
Mikros. A space was cleared in the middle of the room. Kezrek and his commander faced one another, crouched like two feral beasts.

“Begin,” said the emperor.

The fight was terrible to behold. Their blades flashed like lightning, thrusting and counter-thrusting, and soon, both were bleeding. Teeth were bared. Claws rent flesh. They were both taken by a primal bloodlust, slaves to the savage laws that had forged Draken warriors for millennia.

During their final exchange, a thunderous strike by
Kezrek shattered Zarkuna’s blade. The One-Horn fell to his knees as the Warbringer raised his blood-soaked blade. They locked eyes for the briefest of moments.

“Thank you, my friend,” said the One-Horn. And then Kezrek cut off his head.

After the battle, General Kezrek Warbringer was decreed Supreme Commander of the Dominion Legions, and he faithfully served that role ever since. The gilded skull of the One-Horn is mounted upon his pauldrons, a grim reminder of the terrible price of defeat.

Quick Facts

The Price of Defeat

Faction: Dominion

No. of Collectibles required: 8

Type: Tales from Beyond the Fringe