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WildStar Sabotage PTR Update Notes

With the latest PTR Sabotage Patch all WildStar fans have the opportunity to use the Cheat NPCs to get level 50 character and test gear vendor. Patch notes are included below:

PTR Exclusive

  • Anyone can now utilize the instant-level-50 boost NPC and test gear vendor on the PTR.
  • PvP items have been added to the test gear vendor on the PTR, allowing you to be properly suited up for battleground testing!
  • The “Pouch of Prestige” can now be bought on the PTR, instantly filling your PvP currency.

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Wildstar Update no. 2 is called Sabotage! Here are the Patch notes

Next in the line of updates for Wildstar has been made available on the PTR server. Content drop number 2 is called the Sabotage and it introduces a new battleground called Daggerstone Pass as well as many fixes and balance tweaks. This is just the first deployment of content that will appear with Sabotage patch. During the live show on Twitch Carbine staff also talked about content you can expect after Sabotage and that should include a new 20-man raid and veteran dungeon called Protostar Gameshow. These should become available in the next PTR build.

Official announcement of the new PTR build being deployed can be found here along with information on how to download the PTR client and which players can get a lvl 50 character to play through the new content immediately. Bellow you can find a short excerpt as well as full patch notes (that can also be found on the official forums).

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is once again online, so please come and enjoy the upcoming Sabotage content drop!

  • As long as Players have an Active WildStar subscription (NA or EU) they will be able to access the PTR.
  • “Boost” NPCs are available in Nexus that will level Players up, and give them gear. (Will only be available for Players who have earned a level 50 on a Live Realm before July 06, 2014.)
  • Players are totally allowed, and encouraged, to video/capture/stream/discuss anything on the PTR.

Click here to read full PTR Sabotage Patch Notes