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WildStar Server Transfers details

Craig “Cougar” Turner, WildStar’s Director of Operations, announced on the Twitch stream that they are preparing the server transfer for tonight, and will give further update tomorrow. There were some technical issues while they were implementing this feature on the live servers, and they’ve been working on fixing it, with the hope of getting it out for official launch. At the same time, they have to decide what their policy will be on payed vs free transfers. They want to discourage people from doing the ‘switch to temp server while queues die down then switch back’.

We’ve been talking about having Realm Transfers, we have a 2PM go/no go as to if we’ll have this going live tonight. We’ll have both paid and unpaid Realm Transfers for ya’ll.
Since this is real time information, there will be more details later. (source)

We’ll likely just prevent all paid transfers to the biggies (Hazak/Pergo) and never offer free ones there. (source)

Free realm transfers

Pergo to Rowsdower
Pago to Rowsdower
Widow to Rowsdower
Stormtalon to Mikros
Caretaker to Orias
Hazak to Contagion
Hazak to Gaius
Hazak to Deadstar
Progenitor to Deadstar
Treespeaker to Gaius
Ascendancy to Archon


Paid realm transfers

WildStar realm transfer is available for $19.99. Players can move one character to a different Realm. Transfer can be realized between PvE, PvP, and RP servers, but not across regions North America to Europe. Once purchased, you can claim your Realm Transfer from the Account Services interface or choose to gift it to any account-level friend on your friend’s list. Once claimed, Realm Transfers can no longer be gifted. Claimed Realm Transfers will appear on the character selection screen the next time you log in to WildStar. YOUR CHARACTER’S NAME MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE ON DESTINATION REALM.

Realm Transfers restrictions

  • Certain realms may not be available as a destination for Realm Transfers.
  • To be eligible for a Realm Transfer, a character cannot have any of the following:
    • Pending mail
    • Pending auctions
    • Pending transactions on the Commodities Exchange
    • Be the leader of an Arena Team, Circle, Warparty or Guild