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WildStar Post Launch Summary

wildstar launch summary

During the yesterday’s Nexus report and some interviews after Nordic Game event numerous post launch questions popped up, and we decided to make a summary and give you a brief report about what you can expect once the game launches.

  • Monthly updates – over 200 people are working on post launch content, and another team is working on the live game.
  • Monthly game updates can be described as combination of different content styles. One month it will be a new zone with casual zone content and quests, another month might be PvP month, and the next one might be dungeon month.
  • Guild Player housing it’s currently in development
  • There will be something similar to Google Authenticator for launch, but there will be no physical devices.
  • Head start has a weird time because it will be timezone neutral as much as possible.
  • Servers will be pretty large, much larger than those we used to see in other games, but smaller than a megaserver. It will be busy, healthy servers with enough space for everyone.
  • If a server crashes, 95% of the time they don’t need human interaction to come back up. They’re built to do it themselves very quickly.
  • Probably no server statistics pages for a while, but they would like to do them eventually.
  • Game Surveillance Unit will be using active and passive spam/bot detection for Cheat detection logs called JRK logs.
  • About Multiboxing: if you’re doing it yourself without the use of 3rd party programs/bots/macros, it’s allowed. One keypress for multiple characters is not allowed.
  • No set downtime for maintenance (i.e. weekly etc). Prefer to deploy patches on Thursday or Tuesday. Probably higher concentration of patches during launch month.
  • Raids reset 10AM UTC Tuesday.
  • They have the tech for realm transfers, but they don’t know when they’ll be available.
  • Preorder keys have a grace period after head start of three days (ends June 5th 23:59) to enter full game key if you’re getting a physical copy.