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The Prime Skeech


Researcher Neres has heard reports from a Dominion Explorer about a decapitated Skeech head with unusual attire. She requests that you find the rest of the Skeech’s body parts around Tanglevine Village and place a decontamination shield around them so her team can gather them.


1. Place a decontamination shield around Skeech Remains in Tanglevine Village

2. Return to Bogwatch Post


4. Reassemble the Skeech Remains on the Operating Table at Bogwatch Post

5. Speak with Lucent in the Bogwatch Post.


Return to Researcher Neres at Bogwatch Post


  • 14967XP
  • 362 MISSION: Farside Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Level: 30

Required Level: 27


Zone: Farside

Category: Zone – Farside