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The Anti-Gravity of the Situation (Exile)


The Darktide have teleported their best available fishpower into the area near the Plasmic Equalizer. Commander Durek has left you with anti-grav grenades to take out the Darktide reinforcements while he charges ahead to find Admiral Gelic Ironscale, the Ikthian leader.


1. Kill Darktide warbots near the Plasmic Equalizer

2. Kill Darktide Finrippers, Dorsalecutters, and Needlefins near the Plasmic Equalizer

3. Regroup at the rally point near the Plasmic Equalizer


Return to Commander Durek at the Plasmic Equalizer


  • 21540XP
  • 362 Farside Sector Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 34

Required Level: 31


Zone: Farside

Category: Zone – Farside

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