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Native Foodstuffs


The Pioneering League has reported fruits growing on Prickly Cactus and Valo Alera plants in the Arid Sands. Surveyor Oakhill has requested that you gather some of these fruits, but you’ll need to attack the plants in order to expose them.


1. Harvest Prickly Plum from Prickly Cactus in the Arid Sands

2. Harvest Valo Berry from Valo Alera plants in the Arid Sands


Report to Surveyor Oakhill via your Datachron


  • 14967XP
  • 362 Farside Sector Reputation Points

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 30

Required Level: 27


Zone: Farside

Category: Zone – Farside

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