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Batteries Not Included


Your purchase of a Phageform Laboratory from Protostar has proven to be more problematic than expected. The laboratory is offline and requires key materials to restart it.

Batteries Not Included 8957 Buy Corrupted Laboratory or join player that has this plot.
Batteries Not Included 8958 Once placed you can accept the quest.


1. Hack Tech-Cache Guardian to obtain Tech-Cache Cipher near Spineridge Nest, Bio-Mech Facility, and The Keeper’s Sanctuary

Batteries Not Included 8959 You can either hack Tech-Cache Guardian by solving puzzle when interacting with him, or kill him when you enter incorrect passcode to Tech-Caches.

2. Use passcode to loot Technoform Gel from Tech-Cache Alpha near Spineridge Nest, Bio-Mech Facility, and The Keeper’s Sanctuary

Batteries Not Included 8960 Find Tech-Cache Alpha in Spinerdige Nest, Southern Grimvault.
Batteries Not Included 8961 Enter the code: 6736.
Batteries Not Included 8962 Spinerdige Nest Tech-Cache Alpha Map Location.
Batteries Not Included 8965 Use passcode: 1206 on Teleport Console in Bio-Mech Facility, Western Grimvault.
Batteries Not Included 8966 Teleport Console, Western Grimvault Map Location.
Batteries Not Included 8967 This action takes you to the platform where you can recover Tech-Cache Mu.
Batteries Not Included 8968 Enter the final code: 2592 in The Keeper’s Sanctuary, Blighthaven.
Batteries Not Included 8969 Tech-Cache Alpha, Blighthaven Location.

3. Collect Bioform Gel from Ripe Strain Sac in the Creeping Abyss

Batteries Not Included 8963 Extract Bioform Gel from Ripe Strain Sacs.

4. Add materials to Tech Tube on your housing plot

Batteries Not Included 8970 Return to house plot and install materials to Tech Tube…

5. Add materials to Bio Tube on your housing plot

Batteries Not Included 8971 … and Bio Tube.

6. Restart system by activating Emergency Reset Control in the correct order on your housing plot

Batteries Not Included 8972 Activate Emergency Reset Control in order shown on the picture. Don’t stall with this part.
Batteries Not Included 8973 1st one.
Batteries Not Included 8974 2nd one.
Batteries Not Included 8975 3rd one.
Batteries Not Included 8976 4th one.


Use Control Panel to reboot Phageform Laboratory in safe mode

Batteries Not Included 8977 Quest rewards are decent.
Batteries Not Included 8978 Pulsating Strain Egg to the left and Pointed Strain Spine to the right.


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile, Dominion

Level: 50

Required Level: 50


Zone: Housing

Category: Housing

5 thoughts on “Batteries Not Included

  1. Ryan Marshall

    anyone know the passcodes for this quest? I got the one in southern grimvault but cant find the one in northern and cant figure out the code for blighthaven. Thanks

  2. Greviich

    For some reason I cannot add anything to my tech tubes. I click and the cast bar for “install” goes up but nothing happens.

  3. Tychie

    Quest is not repeatable even after the Phage Lab is recharged. If you want more copies of the decor, you will have to drop 4.25 plat again.


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