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A Vengeful Elemental (Exile)


You have extracted the core from the Vengeful Elemental. Perhaps it can be refined.


This quest is kind of hidden in Galeras. You have to take a hidden path up a hill and you will find a totem there that, once interacted with, summons a wind elemental. Once you kill the elemental (100k HP so bring some friends or be at least lvl 19+) it will drop a Vengeful Elemental Core, item that starts this quest. Just go back to the totem that summoned the elemental to finish the quest and get great weapons (each class gets its own version) that have imbuement bonuses to them. Each imbuement level requires you to defeat one of the bosses in the Stormtalon instance. Together with the omni rune slot these are some of the best weapons you can have at that level.

Note: There’s a nearby scientist mission that helps you unlock a “Mysterious Exo Lab”, which contains a datacube.

A Vengeful Elemental 4492 Map of the start of the hidden path in western part of Galeras.
A Vengeful Elemental 4493 Follow the hidden path up a mountain.
A Vengeful Elemental 4494 There’s a broken bridge you can double jump across.
A Vengeful Elemental 4495 At the end of the path you will come across the Thundercall Staff that summons the wind elemental once you interact with it
A Vengeful Elemental 4499 Kill the summoned Vengeful Elemental
A Vengeful Elemental 4500 It drops a quest item that starts this quest


Return the Vengeful Elemental Core to the Thundercall Staff

A Vengeful Elemental 4496 Go back to the Thundercall Staff and interact with it
A Vengeful Elemental 4497 Map location of the Thundercall Staff
A Vengeful Elemental 4498 Quest reward is a weapon for you class with imbuement bonuses.


Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Level: 20

Required Level: 17


Category: Item Imbuements