Crackling Stormshooters

Crackling Stormshooters
Base Level: 20
Durability: 40
Bind: On Pickup
406 Assault Power
218 Support Power
Imbuement (1/3):
IMBUEMENT: Clearing the Air
Kill Aethros
+15 Moxie
Imbuement (2/3):
IMBUEMENT: Tempest Pests
Kill Blade-Wind the Invoker
+20 Finesse
Imbuement (3/3):
IMBUEMENT: Taking by Storm
Kill Stormtalon
Special: Electrical Surge
+ 1 Rune Slots
Open Omni Slot
Weather the storm, or be consumed by it.
Sell for: 70 Silver, 15 Copper

Quick Facts

iPower: 285

Category: Weapon - Pistols

Family: Weapon

Type: Pistols

Slot: Primary Weapon

Quality: Excellent

Added in: Open Beta

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