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Found 9210 Items

Icon Item Name ▼ Level ▼ Slot ▼ Category ▼ Item
Power ▼
Random Power Amplifier55 Crafting Supplies1037
Random Power Amplifier55 Crafting Supplies1037
'Singularis' LA-6C Eldanweave Mendmantle50ChestLight Armor1270
'Singularis' LA-6G Eldanweave Powermitts50HandsLight Armor995
Accelerated Hypertronic Energy Web50ShieldsGear1266
Accelerated Protostar Energy Web50ShieldsGear1374
Action Set 3 Unlock50 Dyes846
Action Set 4 Unlock50 Dyes846
Adaptive Automaton50 Gear1686
Adora's Micro-Fitted Shoulder Guards50ShoulderMedium Armor1686
Adora's Projected Blocker50ShieldsGear1430
Adora's Spurred Boots50FeetMedium Armor1493
Adorned Biopolymer Helmet50HeadMedium Armor1551
Adorned Freelancer's Helmet50HeadMedium Armor1619
Advanced Bear Trap50 Warplot846
Advanced Bug Bomb50 Warplot846
Advanced Exanite Booster50 Gear1377
Advanced Intech Helmet50HeadHeavy Armor1555
Advanced Intech Helmet50HeadHeavy Armor1686
Advanced Magnifabric Protector50ChestHeavy Armor1756
Advanced Magnifabric Protector50ChestHeavy Armor1904
Advanced Officer's Hand Guards50HandsHeavy Armor1493
Advanced Officer's Handguards50HandsHeavy Armor1377
Advanced Stasis Trap50 Warplot846
Advanced Supermesh Hand Guards50HandsHeavy Armor1430
Advanced Supermesh Handguards50HandsHeavy Armor1319
Advanced Superweave Helmet50HeadHeavy Armor1490
Advanced Superweave Helmet50HeadHeavy Armor1615
Adversary's Steady Plate Boots50FeetHeavy Armor1686
Agent's Ambushing Kickers50FeetHeavy Armor1686
Agent's Augmented Gyrojet50Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun1686
Agent's Resonating Soniglaive50Primary WeaponWeapon - Psyblade1686
Analyst Probe50AugmentGear1430
Anchor to the Ancient Tree50 Gear1686
Ancient Tree Sap50GadgetGear1489
Anvilwrought Flexipants50LegsHeavy Armor2151
Anvilwrought Shoulder Plates50ShoulderHeavy Armor1904
Appropriate Gilt Trippers50LegsMedium Armor1904
Arcbound Shield50ShieldsGear1615
Ardent's Envy50GadgetGear995
Ardent's Surefire Hand Cannon50Primary WeaponWeapon - Heavy Gun1493
Arena Champion's Barrier50ShieldsGear1615
Arena Exponent's Magnifier50 Gear1686
Arena Master Bangles50HandsLight Armor1686
Armlets of Primal Intensity50HandsLight Armor1377
Armlets of Sanctuary50HandsLight Armor1377
Armored Roguelike Shoulders50ShoulderHeavy Armor1686
Arsonist's Fire-Resistant Coat50ChestMedium Armor2151
Arterial Bonding Agent50AugmentGear1615
Artillery-Tested Shoulderplates50ShoulderHeavy Armor1490