ANALYSIS: Eldan Primal Lock


Gain access to the exo-lab in High Henge


This analysis involves a scientist scanning 4 switches grouped together in front of the entrance to the mysterious Exo-Lab 4. Once you scan them you will be able to interact with them and enter the Exo Lab, which contains Datacube: Rapid Development.

_poi_ANALYSIS_Eldan_Primal_Lock_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_00_26_08_955.jpg To get to High Henge area you will need to go via a path through Hidden Hills. Above screenshot shows a map screenshot of where it begins.
_poi_ANALYSIS_Eldan_Primal_Lock_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_00_26_15_258.jpg Just follow the path uphill until you reach High Henge.
_poi_ANALYSIS_Eldan_Primal_Lock_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_00_26_53_408.jpg This map screenshot shows the location of this scientist mission (highlighted in the west part of the map).
_poi_ANALYSIS_Eldan_Primal_Lock_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_00_32_34_622.jpg Have your bot interact with the switches.
_poi_ANALYSIS_Eldan_Primal_Lock_image_WildStar64_2014_06_10_00_39_59_496.jpg You will then be able to use the switches, which will in turn activate different elements in front of the Exo Lab entrance (like seen on the screenshot above). The goal is to activate them in a proper sequence. Once you miss the elements despawn.


The exo-lab is sealed by a pattern of primal energies. You can now manipulate these elements by interacting with the control panels.

Unlock Text

The control panels in front of this exo-lab appear functional. Scan them to determine how they work!

Quick Facts

Faction: Dominion

Zone: Galeras

Path: Scientist

Episode: Researching Galeras


  1. X: 4461 Y: -2850 Z: -680