Rapid Development

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Inside cave – Exo-Lab 4 that player with scientist path can open through solving a puzzle. It is a little tricky to reach this location as it is surrounded with tall hills. You have to find ascending path in order to reach it. When you kill level 16 Augmentor Construct inside, be sure to loot item he drops – Augmentor Arm , it starts the quest Arm of Elements .

We would like to thank player Tass for unlocking the Exo-Lab 4 and XYRR, BLADEHAWK and FLATLINED for additional information.


You can start ascending here.


Continue here.


Exo-Lab 4 location.






DATACUBE ENTRY: Rapid Development


Ohmna: Order of the Progenitors


I am very pleased with the status of the OS-1 experiment. The rapid development of their civilization is a testament to their strength and intelligence, although even I must admit that they are progressing at an alarming rate. Although they both fear and revere us, we must be careful to maintain control.

Quick Facts

Faction: Exile

Type: Datacube

2 thoughts on “Rapid Development

  1. Xyrr

    Can be found in a scientist only cave at 4470, -2850. It’s a little hard to get up there but you will find a path at 4634, -3010. You first have to scan the four objects outside and then fiddle with them to open the door. Inside is the datacube and a teleporter that takes you back to Kriton’s Command Post.

  2. Flatlined

    To be more exact, its one of these in both Northern Wild and Everstar Grove…meaning you will need someone on the Science path to open the door for you so you can enter here.

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