WildStar patch notes July 15th

The latest WildStar update comes with a handful of changes which include improvement to classes, adventures, raids, user interface and much more. Patch notes are included below:


  • The flickering water effects seen by some users using NVIDIA graphics cards has been fixed.
  • Samu-Samu Blood Shamans no longer heal enemies, or the Giant Skeech Totem with ‘Blood Channel’.




  • Many items that some Players reported as missing, should automatically be mailed back to their owners upon login.


  • Elemental Life Drain
    • Will no longer trigger more than 5 times every 1 second.
    • Previously, the value was calculated as if it were a heal, with no damage component. This has been fixed, and the values adjusted, based on it being a life drain. New values shown below:
      • Tier 1 – 32 life drain per hit, down from 73.
      • Tier 2 – 63 life drain per hit, down from 143.
      • Tier 3 – 96 life drain per hit, down from 218.
      • Tier 4 – 129 life drain per hit, down from 293.
      • Tier 5 – 176 life drain per hit, down from 433.
      • Tier 6 – 203 life drain per hit, down from 556.”
  • Flux Hoverboards purchased from a designated mount vendor can now be sold back to vendors (for a fraction of the price).
  • Housing and Renown Flasks no longer generate threat when used.
  • Equipping an item that is “Soulbound on Equip” will prompt the player before equipping the item.

Item Specials

  • Capacity Tier 5 no longer grants an additional 50% shield capacity on top of the intended 2.3k.
  • ‘Slow it Down’ should no longer stack multiple times on a single player.



  • Reduced the Strikethrough debuff on all Blind skills to 20%, which is now down from 25%.
  • Lowered the “too-many path requests” pathing penalty cooldown on Pets.
  • Made improvements to the location of GTAE abilities casting on uneven terrain.
  • Certain spells will be better at finding targets.
  • ‘Glow of the Swamp’ buff can no longer be used in group PvE instances, PvP battlegrounds or Arenas.


  • Unsteady Miasma
    • Fixed an issue that caused the application of the field to go through a combat check thereby fixing an issue where foes could deflect the application, negating the entire ability.


  • Crush
    • This should now hit enemies, despite any differences in terrain.


  • Restrictor
    • Fixed a bug where the T8 bonus was not being applied to enemies that left the field.


  • Rapid Fire
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to gain Dash tokens per target hit instead of once on use.
    • The 25% Dash token gain will now happen at the end of the channel and only if the Player has hit a foe.


  • Collapse
    • Increased damage to 19.47 per level up from 14.79 and 22.37% Assault and Support Power up from 17% Assault and Support Power.
  • Impale
    • Tier 4 armor pierce has been increased to 50% up from 30%.
  • Nano Field
    • Nano Field no longer triggers a GCD when activated or collapsed. Additionally. when ‘press and hold’ is enabled Nano Field will not drain all the Stalker’s Suit Power with a single press (Holding the button down will still continue to cast each stage of Nano Field)
  • NanoSkin
    • Evasive
      • The movement speed penalty was reduced to 10% down from 20%
    • Lethal
      • Resistance penalty was reduced to 2% down from 5%. The movement speed penalty was also reduced to 10% down from 20%


  • Flash Bang
    • Base blind duration reduced to 3.75 seconds, down from 5 seconds. Blind duration gained per tier reduced to 0.19 seconds, down from 0.25 seconds.
  • Plasma Wall
    • Base damage increased to 6.14 per level, up from 5.57 and 19.35% Support Power, up from 17.55%”
  • Rampage
    • Base damage reduced to 13.03 damage per level, down from 13.46 and 41.18% Assault Power, down from 42.49%.
    • Damage per tier reduced to 3.53% Assault Power, down from 3.92%.
    • Tier 4 Bonus reduced to 14.7% Assault Power, down from 16.9% Assault Power while above 500 Kinetic Energy, and 20.7% Assault Power, down from 26.9% while above 750 Kinetic Energy.
    • Tier 8 Bonus increased to 2% Assault Power per stack, up from 1.7%.
  • Whirlwind
    • Base damage increased to 7.36 per level, up from 6.79 and 32.84% Assault Power, up from 23.24%.



  • Dying in a matchmaking instance should no longer prevent the deserter debuff from being applied.
  • Players must now be max level to create or join an Arena team.
  • Deserter spells should persist through death, as intended.
  • The /follow command can no longer be used on hostile players.


  • Fixed an issue with FCON Platinum weapons where the items could not be crafted.



  • Certain zone bosses were despawning too early after death. They should linger around now for a bit and stink up the place.
  • Raid Attunement
    • Drusera can no longer appear multiple times on the first stage of the Genesis Key quests.


  • The title for killing Dreadphage Ohmna is now unique to that achievement.


  • The Kain’s Arrival event in Algoroc will now properly progress for players in the event’s area.

Drusera Instances

  • Quests should now correctly update upon leaving a completed instance.


  • Interacting with wounded Exile soldiers properly advances the quest ‘Helping Hand’.


  • Added a new cinematic to Grimvault


  • Players are safe and should no longer fall through the floor at the entrance to The Nursery.



  • Improved server load balancing to reduce the occurrence of lag spikes in Adventures.

Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Fixed multiple events that could break with the Soldier ‘Bail Out’ ability.

Northern Wastes

  • Neutral NPCs and Totem Guardians are now much more effective against minions.
  • Added logic to allow champions to enter the base when a sufficient number of moodie minions are inside.
  • Samubots will more reliably target the Giant Skeech Totem.
  • Coldburrow Howlers and Coldburrow Crawlers now attack Giant Moodie and Skeech Totems.

War of the Wilds

  • Strategy objectives are now triggered at totem thresholds rather than on a hard timer, and will populate at 10 and 20 totems in normal mode, and at 5 and 10 totems on Veteran.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not take damage from the Samu-Samu Chieftain’s Dark Energy spell every other cast.
  • Fixed a bug where the Samu-Samu Chieftain and Coldburrow Queen would sometimes target dead Moodies and Skeech with ‘Dark Energy’.
  • Lectro / Mekka now properly summons the correct number of bots upon spawning and will refresh the number of bots when they die in combat.


Space Madness

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the ‘Kill Hallucinating Livestock’ objective from being completed.



  • Thunderfoot’s jump challenge should now correctly fail after a wipe. Spacebar! SPACEBAR!



  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs relating to saving raid information.

Genetic Archives

  • Guardian Pyralos now properly grants attunement credit.
  • Phage Maw
    • Is now present in the Void. This should prevent reset issues caused by Spellslingers using ‘Void Slip’ in a futile attempt to avoid their inevitable demise.
    • The Detonation Bombs and their harmful effects are still not present in the Void.


  • Players will no longer prematurely die while entering Datascape.
  • System Daemons
    • If the encounter resets after the Firewall Power hits 100%, the holdout creatures will no longer teleport up prematurely on the next pull
    • Fixed a tooltip for Overload.



  • The G-Spell in ‘Ruffle Some Feathers’ should no longer be able to target and hit opposing players while in Grimvault


Auction House/Commodities Exchange

  • The Client should no longer crash when an order on the Commodities Exchange is filled.



  • The Crafting UI now supports locked power cores.
  • We re-aligned Work Orders so that only crafters that meet the minimum Tradeskill level for the Work Orders are aware, and may accept them.


  • Exile Architect work orders in Whitevale should reward the proper XP and Vouchers.


  • Fixed an issue where Tailoring tech tree achievements ‘Enemy Patterns: Bloodtalon Falkrin’ and ‘Enemy Patterns: Tideborn Ikthians’ were not incrementing properly

User Interface

  • Fixed some LUA errors that happened when timed public event objectives were completed.
  • If group leadership changes with Master Loot available and the wrong window open, that window is now closed and the correct window is now opened.
  • Players are now able to exit out of realm select consistently.
  • Fixed issue preventing realm list message from being sent.
  • A minimum width for nameplates has been added for characters with shorter names.
  • Fixed Nameplate LUA error that sometimes occurred when changing maps.
  • The stun breakout UI has a failsafe that will clear it off the screen in case the clear message is lost in transmission.
  • Fixed issue causing guild chat to always show as coming from the Player.
  • The “Don’t Show Me Any More Tutorials” opt out should now work properly.
  • Apollo: UI: (Major) The Apollo API version number has been incremented from 8 to 9. Existing 3rd-party addons will be disabled until their API version is incremented.
  • Apollo: UI: Character Addon: The Character addon now responds to a new event “ItemConfirmSoulboundOnEquip”. This is used to display a new ActionConfirmButton to equip items that would become soulbound. See the official Carbine Character addon for details.
  • Items: Equipping an item that is “Soulbound on Equip” will prompt the player before equipping the item.


  • Harvest plugs should be working and Players shouldn’t lose those planted seeds.