WildStar 7-day free trial keys Giveaway

wildstar giveaway
According to the latest post on the WildStar official website, all gamers who grab 7-day free trial keys will have the chance to explore Nexus 7 days for free. Starting Monday at 6:00am PDT July 28th, all you have to do is to visit partner websites listed below, get your key and redeem it. If you don’t yet have a NC Account, be sure to sign up for one as soon as possible, so you can attach the key, download, and start playing.

Please make sure you choose a Free Trial key that is applicable to your game accounts region.

North America



United Kingdom







5 thoughts on “WildStar 7-day free trial keys Giveaway

  1. Basilio

    Well I have tried several times to register and it keeps saying “There was an error creating your account. Please re-enter your account information.”

  2. Stella

    It is also not working for me, I tried to create a wildstar account and it just keeps saying error creating account

  3. Nick H

    Ok you need to create your NC Soft account and THEN go to WildStar. There is a Redeem a key THERE. It just worked for me.

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