Northern Wilds Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations


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Northern Wilds

List of collectibles

Name Type Map Faction
1. DATACUBE ENTRY: Decelerated Gestation Datacube Exile
2. DATACUBE ENTRY: Primal Disruptor Datacube Exile
3. DATACUBE ENTRY: Violent Tempest Datacube Exile
4. DATACUBE ENTRY: Volatile Power Datacube Exile
5. Deployment Orders: Operation Snowfall Journal Exile
6. Lusk’s Report: Vol. 1 Journal Exile
7. Lusk’s Report: Vol. 2 Journal Exile
8. Lusk’s Report: Vol. 3 Journal Exile
9. Renzo’s Journal Journal Exile
10. Shuttle Boarding Pass Journal Exile
11. Skeech Poetry Journal Exile

8 thoughts on “Northern Wilds Datacubes, Journals and Tales Locations

  1. Robert

    Datacube: Volatile Power is in the locked room at Exo-Lab 729 (coords are 4110, -5893). A scientist is needed in order to operate the control panel to let anyone in.

  2. Leona Ourbyni

    Hmm not sure where I found it as I only noticed after the fact when I was trying to find a Journal entry I didn’t have, but there is also a ‘Galactic Explorer’s Handbook’ Journal entry

  3. Axell

    There’s a new eight journal entry called ‘Galactic’s Explorer Handbook’ and it’s located at Settlers’s Reach: 4368,-5668.

    1. Axell

      It used to be inside the The Gambler’s Ruin, but there are no more lore entries in there since you can now skip it entirely if you want.


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